How does Meta Therapy work?
By using the Dermatudes Meta-FX 50 or FX 100 controller, handpiece and ultra-thin Polycarbonate modules, you can easily and safely remove dead skin cells from the stratum corneum and condition the skin’s epithelium helping to prepare it for Dermatude’s range of subjectables and aftercare. In addition, the action of the specially designed polycarbonate modules, massages the skin’s surface which helps to stimulate local blood flow, providing a perfect medium to enhance the effect of Subjectables and Aftercare.


With Flex head technology and a range of polycarbonate modules, Metatherapy gives you the tools to tackle skin ageing problems for all your clients whatever their concerns.


Treatment for:


√ Fine lines and wrinkles.
√ Texture and pores.
√ Age spots.
√ Face, neck and Décolleté area.


Dermatudes range of proprietary branded skincare includes its pre and post-treatment cleansers and toners, its Subjectable range, created to work in tandem with the effect of Meta FX50 or FX 100 and its aftercare range which helps enhance and prolong the effect of the treatment regime.